Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A letter from our soldiers.

Thank you all for a wonderful birthday. Epicness was had by all, I got really drunk, woke up in bed with a stranger, drank copious amounts of bourbon, and partied like I was 21. Wait...don't I do that a lot? Oh fuck you for judging me, whores. On turning 33, I received gifts, hugs, congratulations for living so long (somebody in Vegas lost a bet), and high fives. Time with Grandpa was awesome. Made everything worth it.  Then I received this letter from a friend of mine. This was perhaps the best birthday gift I've received in a very long time. While I've never served in the Armed Forces, I have a tremendous respect for those that do. This letter stopped me in my tracks.

I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.
I also wanted to let you know that your reach may be larger than you think. While I was deployed in Iraq, one of the favorite parts of my week was to get on Facebook and see how people were doing. The connection was so bad that I couldn't write back too often, but it was good to try and see how people were doing.
I'll just say that your posts were some of my favorites to read. You always brought a smile to my face.
I really liked the blog/advice you posted while I was over there. I was almost crying I laughed so hard...something about everyone needs a good dicking, show off your key chain, and wear a Tag Hauer watch...cracked me up.

I didn't realize my reach was as large as it was until talking to a few of my Soldier's parents, so I wanted to let you know the same.
Anyway I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I don't get on here as much anymore, but I have read a few of your 33 life lessons and you may want to add a "and one to grow on", that while you might not always know it, the reach a person has is far larger than they think (good or bad).
Happy Birthday

         My shenanigans brought joy, comfort, and a good laugh to our soldiers abroad fighting for our freedom. That's the best birthday gift of all. Thanks Dave for the "one to grow on". My reach has exceeded my expectations far and wide. For that I thank you. Take care, and God bless.

         With Love and Respect,
         -The Dann

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