Monday, July 26, 2010

Well I guess you wonder what the hell this is all about...

At the suggestion of several friends, and finally being convinced by my friend, Brian Niehaus, I started a blog.

This is my first post. If your reading this congrats! YOU WIN!

I don't know what the fuck you just won, but you just won something.

So I guess you wanna know what the hell this is gonna be about? It's about me. Life's adventures, trials. tribulations, and good ol' fashioned stories about what happens in my daily life. I've been told by several I'm the gay-version of Tucker Max. If you don't know who he is, then look it up. Yeah, you just caught that, I'm gay. 6'2", 200-ish pounds of the meanest fag you'll ever know. Have you ever seen a gay dude with a country accent? Yeah I got one. Raised in Kentucky all my life, spending most of my time in Fleming County. Had some good times down home, as several of my ex;s can verify. I like to raise hell, drink bourbon, defend honor and justice for all. And fuck...a lot. Not your typical fag...far from it.

Your going to see that my life is a fucking reality show, that I'm not getting paid for. This shit you just can't make up. BTW, I'm opinionated and stubborn as fuck. Trying to change my views or arguing with me, is pointless as locks on a 24 hour Wal-Mart. I welcome comments and constructive criticisms.

Some random things about me.
- I'm a dick
- I'm nice if your cute, a woman, or old.
- I drink bourbon. A lot.
- I say fuck, and every other tawdry word.
- Don't fuck with my inner circle. You'll get hurt.

All that being said, you can probably gather I'm a real fucking character.

Here's your initial story....

It was about 1995, and I was kinda steady with this girl Vanessa. Well, I was steady with her, a few guys, and another girl named Misty. Whoring around started at age 14 for me, on a creek bank one house over from mine. Vanessa was my neighbor, until she moved into town. Her parents fucking hated me. I meant HATED me. I was on and off again, with this other girl, Misty. Just so happens, Misty and Vanessa lived so close that I could literally walk across a IGA parking lot to their respective homes.

Of course being a 16 year old horny kid, I devised a plan. I would park my car on a side street, between the two. Regularly, I would fuck both them in the same few hours, and they would never know about it. This was also at the time, I was fucking around with this one dude, Eric. We both had girlfriends, but he sure hell liked getting fucked by me every chance he got. He was all about my dick. Now he's married...what a sham. The dudes gayer than a Pop Tart.

That's all for now..let me know what you think

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